In this ever-changing world of technology cybersecurity has become an essential part of our life whether it’s about making online transactions, purchasing goods and services over the internet, chatting with someone on your favorite social media sites, booking an online ticket, etc. People around the world have started to understand the importance of cybersecurity and that’s why Cyber Security is the new trend in the industry.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is also known as information technology security is referred to as a branch of technology which deals with providing security to our private data that is transmitted over the internet, these private data may include personal information such as credit card number, debit card number, email address, passwords and much more.

The Booming IT Industry And Cyber Security.

We all know that there are bad guys(Black Hat Hackers) over the internet always looking to steal our personal data.

To tackle these bad guys we need someone just like them but more ethical to make people safer on the internet.

That’s how an ethical hacker roles come in to play, an ethical hacker is a person who looks for security loopholes and vulnerabilities in a system or network so that nobody can take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

IT industry all around the globe is one of the most affected industries by cybercrimes, every day millions of users are getting hacked.

To reduce or stop these attacks there are various cybersecurity firms located in different countries.

A cybersecurity firm is a group of ethical hackers who works together to provide security services to an individual, organization, or industry.

Game of Data – Why is it important?

To understand why your personal data is important we first need to how our personal data is used.

We all have social media accounts on different websites and to create these accounts we fill our personal data.

This data may include each and everything you can think of whether it’s your personal details such as name, age, gender, email, passwords, etc.

Social media sites such as Facebook are more comprehensive when it comes to storing data such as your school, your company name, your professional profile, your relationship, your birthdate, and so on.

All these data are very crucial for marketing industries to provide relevant advertising to users individually.

This kind of data is worth millions of dollars and thus it is sold to agencies, industries, and companies to use for various research projects without the knowledge of an actual user.

You can easily find such kind of data available on dark web containing data dumps of millions of users from different websites.

Advertising companies such as Google are continuously tracking the activity of users to provide relevant ads over the internet.

How To Protect Yourself On The Internet?

You can protect yourself on the internet by following these steps-

  • Make sure to keep changing your password on different websites every 20 days.
  • Always use a good or premium VPN while surfing over the internet
  • Never save passwords in your browser.
  • Use strong passwords containing a combination of alphabets, integers, and special characters.
  • Don’t use the same password for all your accounts.
  • Always check permissions of apps you installed on your smartphone.
  • Never save your passwords on any kind of text file.
  • Update your applications and Softwares as soon as an update is available.
  • Never install pirated software and games on your PC or laptop.
  • Use good antivirus software for online security.


People need to make themself aware of all these types of activities going over the internet else they will continue to lose their personal data.

Now as we are able to understand how is our data used and collected we really need some way to stop this, but the sad reality is that we can’t.

Make sure you keep yourself aware with latest technology because thats the only way you can learn more.

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