Termux is one of the most popular android application when it comes to the field of hacking, but what makes it popular? You’re right it’s the various termux scripts specially modded to work for termux by our beloved developers around the world. Today we will be looking at one of the best termux tools that you need to install.

Best Termux Tools

  1. Metasploit Framework
  2. Ngrok
  3. Nmap
  4. XploitSpy
  5. Weeman
  6. Hakku Framework
  7. FSociety
  8. Lazymux
  9. Socialfish
  10. OH-MY-ZSH

1. Metasploit Framework – Best Termux Tool

Metasploit Framework doesn’t need any introduction, it is the most powerful termux tool to date.

When it comes to penetration testing you can never go wrong with Metasploit Framework.

The ability of creating payloads, exploiting the vulnerability, information gathering makes it more popular between pen-testers and hackers.


  • Penetration testing.
  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Pre and post-exploitation
  • Exploit development

2. Ngrok – Best Termux Tool for Port Forward

Ngrok is an tool used to access your localhost from anywhere in the world by the use of port forwarding.

You may need ngrok in almost all of the phishing tools available on GitHub although there are other scripts also which may need a ngrok integration to work properly.

Ngrok is one of those tools which should be their in your termux toolkit because you never know how often you may need it.

How To Install Ngrok In Termux

3. Nmap – Network Mapper

Nmap is the best network mapper tool you can currently install in your termux.

The CLI version can almost perform all the tasks that you would expect from a network mapper tool in Kali Linux.

How To Install And Use Nmap In Termux


  • Port scanning
  • Network mapping
  • Network auditing
  • Os detection

4. XploitSpy – Best Termux Tool For Monitoring

Note: Using this tool is not recommended according to the data protection act if you are caught doing something malicious this may land you in jail.

Xploitspy is a cloud-based android monitoring tool that allows an attacker to remotely access all the personal data of the target.

Although we don’t recommend using this tool, still if you just want to keep a track on your children’s to track their activity and get location details this can be a handy tool for you.


  • Get location of a device
  • View call logs
  • Send and receive messages
  • Monitor your activity
  • Monitor social activity

5. Weeman

Weeman gained huge popularity due to a lack of dependable phishing tools available for termux at the time it launched.

The Weeman supported most of the popular websites with additional ability to work with spoofing tools such as ettercap.

Weeman was originally developed by Hypsurus but unfortunately the whole project was removed just like many phishing scripts available on github.

But there are many other developers providing a copy of the project to keep this amazing project running and show the support to all the developers involved in the project.

How To Install Weeman In Termux


  • Create duplicate website pages
  • Capture data entered by target
  • HTTP server
  • Page redirects

6. Hakku Framework – Pen-testing Framework

Another feature packed CLI (Command Line Interface) based framework.

Just like the Metasploit framework hakku framework is also a penetration testing framework.

Hakku inherent more than 20 penetration testing module which can come very handy in real learning scenario.

How To Install Hakku Framework In Termux


  • Arp spoofing
  • MITM (Man In The Middle)
  • Wifi jammer
  • DNS spoofing
  • Wordlist generator

7. FSociety

This amazing penetration testing framework gained its popularity due to a famous web series Mr.Robot.

FSociety is one of the most comprehensive penetration testing framework you can currently install in termux.

Well it’s too hard for me to explain what all you can do with this framework the wide variety of tools of different categories makes it one of best available tools over the internet specially for termux.


  • Information gathering
  • Password attacks
  • Sniffing & spoofing
  • Web hacking
  • Post exploitation
  • Wireless testing

8. Lazymux – Install Termux tools in one click

Lazymux is one of those tools which was especially designed for termux.

With the help of Lazymux you will be able to install different termux tools from different categories with ease.

You don’t need to clone those GitHub links every time you want a new termux script to be installed in your termux.

All you need is to select the tool from a specific category and leave the rest on Lazymux it will install the tool automatically for you.

How To Install And Use Lazymux


  • Information gathering tools
  • Vulnerability scanning tools
  • Stress testing tools
  • Password attack tools
  • Web hacking tools
  • Exploitation tools


Sociafish is another phishing tool available for termux that can be used to make phishing pages also it supports most popular websites like Facebook, Google, Linkedin, WordPress, etc.

You can create both standard phishing page as well as advance phishing pages.

How To Install Socialfish In Termux


  • Standard phishing page
  • Advance phishing page
  • Ngrok integration


Ever wanted to make your termux look beautiful? Well Ohmyzsh can help you with that.

Ohmyzsh is available for both termux as well as Linux distro to modify your terminal by using different colours and fonts.


  • Customize Terminal Colors
  • Customize Terminal Fonts

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