If you’re interested in the field of ethical hacking and cybersecurity then you must have heard the term “Termux” but for the first time you might have thought what is termux and why everyone talks about it right? let me explain it to you, Termux is an android application (Android Terminal Emulator) that provides a virtual Linux environment in your android smartphone to test different scripts and work on projects. You might be thinking that there is nothing new in that there may be similar other apps but why everyone just talks about termux? Well you’re right again there are similar apps to termux but the flexibility and handiness provided by termux can’t be matched with other apps, the popularity of termux made many developers start developing various scripts to perform certain tasks especially when talking about ethical hacking.

Features Of Termux

  • Making Python Scripts
  • Making Bash Scripts
  • Using Vim and Nano
  • Using different Shells
  • Running different scripts
  • Access server over SSH
  • Test various projects on Git

How To Use Termux?

Learning to use Termux is a pretty easy process its just like any other Linux distribution with almost the same commands.

I will recommend beginners to watch the following video in order to learn the basic commands of Termux.

Learn To Use Termux From Basic To Advance For Beginner’s

Why Is It So Popular?

Termux is a buzzword these days between Tech YouTubers due to its flexibility and compatibility with android to work over minimum resources.

It is a free android application available on the play store which makes it more popular.

Due to higher access of internet between the smartphones users as compared to desktop users.

Especially when talking about Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, etc.

No need of switching to some other operating system like Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora etc.

Can We Compare Kali Linux With Termux

Comparing termux with kali linux is not at all a good option.

Kali Linux is an Operating system as a whole whereas termux is just an android app that creates a virtual Linux environment.

Using Kali Linux is much better due to its high convenience, flexibility, usability, security, stable updates, etc.

Kali Linux provides better performance, Interactive UI as well as various security features which an android smartphone is not capable of performing.

Is Termux Reliable For Learning About Cyber Security

When it comes to the field of Cyber Security Termux is always considered a reliable option for beginners to start.

There are hundreds of Tutorials available on Youtube to demonstrate how to perform various tasks and operations related to cybersecurity and information technology.

Its customizable, featured-packed, secure, and explorable which is worth trying especially for newbies in the field of Cyber Security, who don’t have access to desktops and laptops or don’t want to switch to some other Linux environment without proper knowledge on how to operate and perform various tasks.

Tools Available On Github

There are hundreds of tools available on github which can help you get started but some of the most popular tools are as follows-

  • HiddenEye
  • Nmap
  • IpGeoLocator
  • WhoIs
  • Red Hawk
  • Darkfly
  • OWScan
  • Nikto
  • Lazymux
  • SQLmap
  • Weeman
  • Cupp
  • A-Rat
  • IpTrack
  • Brutal
  • Recon Dog
  • CredMap
  • Brutespray
  • D-tect

There are various frameworks such as the Metasploit framework and hakku framework which can be used to use various modules provided by these tools.

Always remember that not every tool which can run on Kali Linux may work on termux, for running these tools you may need to install Kali Nethunter within your termux app.


No doubt Termux is a great app if you want to get started in the field of ethical hacking and cybersecurity but it has its drawbacks.

There are several things that it is still not capable of doing right now to replace an full blown Os like Kali Linux or Ubuntu.

None of the pen-tester would actually like to sit back and use there smartphones to hack into different systems or look for security loopholes with messages pop ups or call notifications.

Even if you think you would purchase a separate smartphone to use it, for how much time would it be practical to configure USB sticks for viruses or would you like to type those long command again and again when you can easily do all these things by use of a desktop or laptop more easily and efficiently.

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