Zoom App Data Leaked over Dark Web – Zoom video conferencing app is not safe anymore, more than 5 Lakh user’s email and passwords are being sold on the dark web. Leaked data was stored over servers in china.

Zoom Leaked Data – Easily Available?

The world’s most popular video conferencing app zoom recently gained its popularity due to COVID-19 Pandemic for promoting work from home.

Zoom app earlier got accused of sharing user data to Facebook.

Also, an encryption flaw in its security allowed hackers to upload different zoom meeting recordings on youtube.

Reports confirmed that the data was being stored to chinese servers.

More than 5 lakh account data is available on the dark web for less than 15 Indian paise per account.

Although it not guaranteed that each and every account will still be working.

As such many users updated their credentials after account data leak news was confirmed by various agencies.

Zoom Zero-Day Exploit Being Sold On The Dark Web

Google banned the use of zoom app within its organization for conducting any kind of conferences online.

The two most used operating system that is Windows, as well as Mac Os both, are vulnerable to the latest zero-day exploit which is being sold at dark web for $500000.

It is being observed that there is a huge demand in the industry for zoom accounts data to spy on people.

These account data can be used to gain highly confidential data of different organizations that are being shared in the online meetings on the zoom app.

Windows zero-day is considered to be a Remote Code Executable, which allows an attacker to take hold of the target whole device.

Talking about Mac Os it is still not confirmed what kind of things can an attacker performs.

These zero-day can only be exploited when an attacker is on a call to victim else it’s of no use.

What Is Zoombombing?

It seems like nothing is working well with the zoom app after Zoombombing was reported by various zoom users worldwide.

Zoombombing is a type of cyber attack initiated to hijack an ongoing zoom teleconference.

In Zoombombing the attackers take over the ongoing meeting and distract other users by portraying unprofessional practices on users’ screens.

These practices may include racism, hate speech, porn content, abusive language, etc.

How To Protect Yourself From Zoombombing?

There are various precautions that can be taken in order to protect yourself from zoombombing are as follows

  • Always use updated version of the zoom app.
  • Keep changing your password frequently.
  • Always use private conferences instead of choosing conference privacy as public.
  • Never share conference link on any social media platform publicly.
  • Disable “join” Feature before hosting a conference.
  • Make sure that the screen sharing option should be on “Host-Only”
  • Admin of the conference should always end the conference instead of leaving the conference.


All the above information clearly states that the zoom app is not secure and we should be looking for different alternatives to maintain our privacy.

Various countries including the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs clearly warned its citizens not to use zoom application as it is not considered as a safe platform.

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