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Everyone wants to rank their website better on Google search results, but there are things that may be restricting your website to rank on google search. Today in this article, you will be able to learn step by step guide to rank better on Google.

Fresh content is the best way to rank on google search

According to Hosting Tribunal, there are over 1.7 billion
websites in the world.

Over two million blog posts are being published every single day.

Not only that, but it’s also estimated that Google has over 63 billion pages indexed according to WorldWideWebSize.

Amazing right?

Google is always looking for fresh and good content.

Step-by-Step Guide to Improve Your Google Rankings

Update your existing content to rank on google search

Google search console is your best friend, It can really help to keep the track of the activity on a particular post.’

Look for posts and pages that earlier used to get traffic maybe a year or two years ago.

But now they are kind of dead and don’t get enough clicks.

You immediately need to update those posts.

So instead of putting efforts in creating new content you can put that time in updating your existing one.

After updating those posts with fresh content you may able to see better results when compared to creating a new post and publishing them.

Trust me that’s gonna work better instead of flooding your website with more and more content.

Create productive content that provides value to the visitors

Creating a good content for your website can be very much time consuming.

It’s important that the content you are providing engages users so spend more and more time on your website.

Make sure you provide variety in your content, variety within the content on a single website can help you rank better.

Create your post more than 1000 words, with providing suitable images and videos.

Imagine yourself reading same kind of content again and again.

Its awful right?

Same is the case of google, google accepts variety in your content as well as the value your content providing to your users.

Tip: If you can’t provide good content yourself spend some bills and hier a content writer.

Remember “Content is the King”

Work on website loading time

Google take website loading time very seriously.

The better your website loading time will be the more are the chances that your website ranks better.

Don’t flood your homepage with lots of widgets, ads and content category.

Remember great user experience must be your first priority.

Use online website auditing tools

Using website auditing tools can really help in looking at the improvements that can be done on your website.

There are various online websites that let you audit your website for free.

Some of the websites are as follows





The above-mentioned websites are the best sources of free website auditing tools you can use online.

Don’t use unnecessary pop-ups

Popups in a website can be very annoying to the users.

Imagine yourself surfing a website and getting popups again ang again.

Popups reduces visitors engagement on your website.

Even Google also states on their Official Google Webmaster Central Blog.

They said “Pages that show intrusive interstitial provide a poorer experience to users than other pages where content is immediately accessible.”

So make sure to use popups only when it is important.

Excessive or irrelevant use of internal linking.

Overdoing internal linking can harm your SEO score.

Create internal links which are relevant and adds value to user.

Remove duplicate internal links it degrades the overall value of your page.

Using valuable backlinks can improve your website ranking.

Using valuable backlinks within your content can take lot of time.

But once implemented can really boost traffic on your website.

Don’t use help of spammy websites to generate backlinks.

Google consider reciprocal linking and link scheme as unethical practice.

Providing good experience matters the most use backlinks that add value to user. Google promotes such practice and can really help in ranking your website.


Applying all the above mentioned techniques can really help in boosting your website analytics.

Make sure to be ethical and use fair practices.

Remember to work on user experience it should always be in your priority list after all there are more chances that a satisfied user will again visit your website.

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