Digital Marketing - Step By Step Guide For Beginners

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of influencing the customers to purchase our product and services online.

Services and products can be marketed through various digital marketing channels such as, email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, website marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, etc.

All the above mentioned digital channels falls under the Digital marketing.

Digital marketing always focuses on online channels rather than using traditional offline marketing channels such as Billboard Marketing, Radio Marketing, TV Marketing, and SMS Marketing.

Scope And Career Opportunity?

Well, the scope of digital marketing is very wide, as it is one of the on-demand professions right now.

All the businesses around the globe are trying to promote their product and services online to reach more and more consumers.

The process of digital marketing is more reliable, convenient and faster then the traditional approaches of marketing.

Career And Digital Marketing Job Opportunity.

With the growth of technology there is ample of opportunity waiting within the digital marketing industry, some of the growing popular professions are as follows


Freelancing is one of the most popular method to generate income by providing your services online to people who are looking for it.

Earlier Digital marketers used it as a part-time option but with an increase in demand people are switching to work full-time and providing their services to their clients.

Marketing Business

Setting up your own business can never go out of trend if you are equipped with enough skills and resources to build marketing strategies for your clients to help them grow their business.

Blogging and Website

It’s good to share your knowledge with people who share the same interest, as it can help you to polish your marketing skills and generate revenue from it.


A skilled digital marketer is always in demand when it comes to teaching their are numerous of opportunities available in this field with high scale salary package.


Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google, which means you can increase your chances of getting eyeballs on your channel by creating quality content on DM and influence people.

Youtube is one of the biggest source of generating passive income without working everyday.

The flexibility of Youtube makes it one of the most preferred platform for digital marketers to show their online pressence.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important?

You may come up with question like why Digital marketing is important?

Digital marketing is a skill that everyone should know. There is no specific age limit to learn whether you are a school going student or a 70-year-old person.

It can teach a lot about understanding human nature on how they react and participate.

Learning DM is a skill that can help to generate some extra income.

Students looking to opt for a graduate or post graduate degree program can take benefits to enhance their resume and CV with adding some extra skills, to get better job.

The Strategy Of Digital Marketing

Strategies in digital marketing starts by planning and clearly defining your goals.

Its very important to structure you plan as it will provide the foundation to your strategy.

Now its time to know your potential audience who would like to buy your product and service.

Segment your audience on the basis of demographics, preferences, gender, age, etc.

Creating awareness about your product or service should be your next priority.

Awareness can be created through launching ads campaign on various social media platform or through various other channels such as content marketing.

Your target audience may now be aware of your presence, now its time to engage your audience.

Engagement with your audience builds trust and helps them to know about your product or service better.

After building a relationship with your targeted audience its time to convert them into your customers. Providing offers and creating some sort of value to your customers can really help you generate leads.

Finally its time to understand the level of your competitors, make sure it is dynamic in nature you may never stick to a same competitor after all you need growth.

Its good to learn from the mistakes of your competitors and look for taking advantage of the opportunity.

Resources Needed To Learn Digital Marketing

There is no specific need for any kind of resources other than having a laptop or a computer system with good internet connectivity.

Although there are various free as well as paid tools which can help you to be more productive.

Having a basic knowledge of internet and how things work on internet can help a lot to understand the digital marketing modules and concepts.

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